“Global Hero Project”
a global classroom Voicethread

Project Coordinator
Theresa Allen (@tdallen5) - IL, USA

Goals of the Project:
  • Students will narrate what a hero means to them on the main page.
  • On first (main) page:
    1. How do you think one becomes a hero?
    2. What type of person comes to mind when you hear someone talk about a hero?
  • Students will add a photo of their hero and describe him/her.
  • On their hero page:
    1. What qualities does the hero you chose they possess?
    2. What deeds has your hero done?
  • Students will have a better global understanding of heroes.

Duration: November 2011 - June 2012

Grade Level/Age Group: Grades 2-12 (ages 7-18)

How the project works: Students will research the definition of a hero, how one becomes a hero, and think about what type of person comes to mind. They will also describe the qualities and deeds the hero possesses. After writing a narration, they will upload a photo for the Voicethread and narrate. At the end, students will listen to a compilation of heroes around the world.

Sign Up Details:

Please contact Theresa Allen at tallen@csrn.org or @tdallen5 on Twitter.