"Kids Speak" - 2011-2012A Global VoiceThread Connecting Worlds and Expanding Classrooms
Project CoordinatorDeb Frazier (@frazierde) - USAGlobal Classroom Creator

Goals of the Project:

  • Students will collaborate with students from other cultures and communities
  • Students will develop an understanding of how families interact with the physical environment in other cultures and communities.
  • Students will develop an understanding of how people meet their basic needs in other cultures and communities.
  • Student will learn the distinct physical and human and physical characteristics that distinguish them from other cultures and communities.

Duration: September 2011 - June 2012

Grade Level / Age Group: Pre-K to Grade 3 (5-9 years old).

How the project works:

Students will work collaboratively in ONE shared VoiceThread to ask questions and share life experiences that enable the student to grasp the above stated goals. Kid Speak is targeted to the Pre-K- 3rd grade (5-9 years old).

Questions asked by students may contain any of the following topics:
  • daily life (chores, responsibilities)
  • hobbies
  • sports
  • clothing
  • weather
  • language
  • animals of your environment
  • transportation
  • food
  • school environment
  • physical characteristics of the environment

Using VoiceThread

Students and teachers are encouraged to post questions, videos, documents, and/or photos to the shared VoiceThread. Students and educators who post to the VoiceThread should leave comments stating name, country (state when appropriate), and the information they hope to receive in comments. All work will be authentic and child created.

Students and teachers who are commenting should reply by first introducing themselves by first name and country (or state) and then addressing the person they are replying to by name. In last year’s VoiceThread (Global Classroom 2011) we found the use of names greatly personalized the experience for the students. Comments can be by voice or typing. To practice internet safety no children will be identified by matching picture to name or sharing their precise location (other than country or state) information.

Students and teachers should revisit the VoiceThread regularly to hear the comments and see the post of other members of the collaborative VoiceThread. New questions and comments can be posted at anytime.

Sign Up Details:

To sign up to be a part of Kid Speak please DM @frazierde your email address on Twitter (or email me direct via the K-3 Collaboration Group Listing, available to registered #globalclassroom participants).

You will need to become a member of VoiceThread. You can sign up for the free, Single Educator account here. If you were a member of our GlobalClassroom VT last year simply tweet @frazierdeand let me know you would like to continue and become a member of Kid Speak.

Technology Help!

Resident Expert: Deb Frazier - @frazierde
Online Resources: VoiceThread Tutorial (SlideShare) and VoiceThread Quick Start Guide for Educators