Seasons Around the WorldA Global VoiceThread 2011-2012
Project CoordinatorDebra Rosenquist (@DebraRosenquist)
Goals of the Project:
  • students will collaborate with students around the world.
  • students will share and compare observations about seasons around the world.
  • students will observe and share changes in one tree throughout the seasons.
  • students will develop an understanding of how the amount of daylight changes as the Earth revolves around the Sun.
  • students will explore what causes the seasons and begin to develop an understanding of seasonal change around the world.
  • students will collect and share data; including sunrise, sunset, amount of daylight and temperatures.

Duration: September 2011 - June 2012

Seasons Around the World is targeted to the K - 3rd grade (5-9 year olds).

All work will be authentic and child created.

How the project works:
  1. Students will work collaboratively in ONE Voicethread. Students will share seasonal observations and ask questions that will enable them to grasp the above stated goals. Observations and data will be collected at 3 times during the year (November, February, and April). NOTE: These times are flexible. Work them into your schedule as you see fit. I have set them up so we collect for the Northern Hemisphere Fall, Winter, and Spring. I hope Southern Hemisphere classes will participate so our students can see that our seasons are opposite!
  2. Each class will choose one deciduous tree to follow through the seasons. They will observe the changes the tree goes through as the seasons change. Students will document these changes with drawings, photos, and/or videos that they upload to the VoiceThread.
  3. Each class will collect temperature, sunrise/sunset times and calculate day length. Students will share this data on the VoiceThread.
  4. Each class is encouraged to document other changes they see during the season and share those observations on the Voicethread.
  5. Classes are encouraged to participate in one, two or all 3 collection times.

  • How do our lives change with the season?
  • What is the weather like right now in other parts of the world?
  • How can we tell the seasons are changing in our part of the world?
  • How does the world (Earth) change during the year?

SCIENCE NOTE: The science concepts in this project are complex and often confusing, even for some adults. The project is set up so that students can explore and slowly develop an understanding of why we have seasons on earth.

Some Details:

  • Students and teachers are encouraged to post questions, videos, documents, drawings and/or photos on the shared VoiceThread. Students and teachers who post to the VoiceThread should leave comments stating name, country(state when appropriate), and the information they want to share and/or questions they would like answered.
  • To practice internet safety no children will be identified by matching pictures with name or sharing their precise location other than country, state or region.
  • Students and teachers should visit the VoiceThread regularly to hear the comments and see the posts of other members of the collaborative VoiceThread. New questions and comments can be added at any time.
  • To sign up to be a part of Seasons Around the World please DM @DebraRosenquist your email address or email me directly through the K-3 Collaboration Group Listing.
  • You will need to become a member of VoiceThread. You can register here. Please sign up for the single educator account (this is a free account).
Helpful Links:
The following links are provided to help you explore sunlight and seasonal change with your students. They also provide background knowledge for teachers.

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