Crazy Crazes 2012 - 2013

Project Coordinator: Mrs Karen Stadler


Email: Mrs Stadler

Goals of this project:
  • to provide our students with a global view of what is happening elsewhere in the world
  • to give students an opportunity to share their experiences with others
  • to offer opportunities for students to practice giving meaningful feedback to students
  • to learn about cultures and communities different from one’s own

Duration: June 2012 - June 2013

Target Grade Levels / Age Group: Grades 4 - 6 (9 -12 years)

How this project works:

  • Teachers can email Mrs Stadler to have a page created in the Crazy Crazes wiki, for their class.
  • On that page you may share with us in any format you like, the crazes/fads that are happening in your school and country.
  • Feel free to use any form of Web 2.0 tool that is possible to use within Wikispaces e.g. videos, photos, PhotoPeach, Animoto, VoiceThread, Glogster, Prezi etc.
  • Plain written pieces from the children are welcome too!
  • Feel free to make the page your own.
  • Please add a little information about your class, school and where you are from, so that our children can learn from each other.
  • Let's make learning FUN!

I look forward to working with you all and I am excited about this project. Happy learning everyone!

Karen Stadler
ICT Coordinator
Elkanah House Senior Primary
Cape Town
South Africa