Hello from Canada!

Our class has been busy preparing Flat Friends to send to Iowa for Mrs. Carter's class, to Denmark for Mr. Nielsen's class,to Mrs. Daly's class in Ireland and Mr. Asamoah's class in Africa (a friend through Epals.) We look forward to hearing all about the adventures our Flat Friends will get into and we are also excited to see many photos of these different countries.

Later this year our Flat Friends will also be sent to China, Australia and hopefully somewhere in South America. Our hope is to reach every continent!

Flat Rasmus from Denmark

http://vonsildskole11.blogspot.com/2011/12/flat-rasmus-going-to-canada.html (see more)

Hello to Mrs. Carter's class in Iowa! We hope you enjoy these first books about Flat Fred's adventures here in Ontario.

Hello to Mr. Nielsen and our Danish buddies!
Here are some of Rasmus Klump's adventures so far: