Learning from the Holocaust

A global collaborative project
Project Coordinator
Katie Cherry (@MsKCherry) - USA

Goals of the Project:
  • Students use discussion and web 2.0 tools to analyze the history of the Holocaust as it is presented through various children’s literature, including Number the Stars
  • Students develop inter-cultural understanding of historical perspectives by engaging in virtual discourse with students from other places about the Holocaust

Duration: January 2-6

Grade Level/Age Group: Targeted for Grade 5, open to Grades 3-8

How the project works: My class will be reading and discussing the book Number the Stars as well as selected other children’s literature throughout the week to build historical context and learn about the prejudice behind the Holocaust, and then we would like to have an edmodo, skype, or voicethread interaction with fifth graders from other schools to discuss questions my students create about the Holocaust, in hopes of finding inter-cultural commonalities and developing an understanding and respect for others’ perspectives. If interested or if you have tips please contact Katie Cherry via Twitter (@MsKCherry) or email at Katherine.cherry@acps.k12.va.us.

Sign Up Details:Please email Katherine.cherry@acps.k12.va.us or find my skype classroom project posting: http://education.skype.com/projects/1586