We are creating the Online Spaces for Teachers and Students to Connect, Share, and Learn ... Around the Globe

In Brief

The Global Classroom Project discussion spaces, and wiki enable teachers to find collaboration partners around the world. We provide the spaces for teachers to make the connections, build productive relationships, and turn their ideas for global projects into reality. We have created a supportive learning community, where engaged teachers can truly make a difference.

Keeping Track: What's Happening in Global Classroom?

The Global Classroom 2011-12 wiki and blog are the places to go for the very latest #globalclassroom news, project announcements, and links to relevant professional learning resources.

We envisage these online spaces as a place where our participant teachers can share what is happening in their classrooms, showcase their students' learning, and share their reflections on their involvement in our global project community. We will also be sharing professional learning resources for teachers interested in learning more about ICT technologies and global connections. If you'd like to submit a guest-post relating to your experience with global projects or ICT expertise, please send us an email at globalclassroomorganisers@gmail.com. Thanks!

Blog: http://theglobalclassroomproject.wordpress.com

Wiki: http://globalclassroom2011-12.wikispaces.com

Join: Teacher Communication & Discussion Platforms

Global Classroom 2011-12 is intended to support teachers' involvement in global collaborative projects regardless of their level of ICT expertise; and with this in mind, we have created a range of online spaces and groups for teachers to brainstorm and share project ideas, and collaborate with teachers around the world. These groups are open to all registered #globalclassroom participants, with most details being shared by email.

Email Discussion List for Teachers
K-12 Teachers Group

Monthly #globalclassroom Twitter Chat
Edmodo Teachers Discussion Group
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